To Die For

* World Premiere* Guest performance by Tacheles Productions

This highly comic and touchingly magical one-woman show fuses naturalism and live music to explore the power of the stories we tell that shape our lives …and deaths.

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Tickets: 14 Euros / students 8 Euros / on Monday all tix 7 Euros
at the Studio

A new play by Claudia Schwartz and Sharon On

Following rave reviews, including four stars in Irish Theatre Magazine, and successful performances in Dublin and Prague, Ariana Krankovic now comes to the heart of Berlin to captivate audiences once again.

“Today is a consequential occasion, and consequential occasions need witnesses.”

So says Ariana Krankovic- the fiercely unconventional lady, who has come to Berlin on a special mission. She’s not exactly a social butterfly, but she’s invited YOU to her birthday party- if you dare!
To mark this momentous occasion Ariana Krankovic will perform the lethal ‘Encanta’s Aria’- a piece of music so beautiful that singing it stops the singer’s heart.

Will she go through with it? If so, will she survive to tell the tale? What binds her to this extraordinary aria? Before she can find out, there are ghosts from the Krankovic family tree that must be laid to rest.


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